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image from the film THE PATH


(the story of Chico Mendez)

Director: Miranda Smith

Producer: Miranda Smith. Prods. Inc., (New York NY)

Television Broadcasts

DUTV, United States, 2003

Free Speech TV, United States, 1996, 2001

KBDI, United States, 2001

TBS, United States; 1989

TNT, United States; 1990

TV Manchete, Brazil; 1990

TV Ontario, Canada; 1990

SBS TV, Australia; 1990

Fuji TV, Japan; 1990

VARA TV, Netherlands; 1990

Zimbabwe Broadcasting, Zimbabwe; 1990

Filmoption, Canada; 1991

Television Popular, Angola; 1991

Star Entertainment, Hong Kong; 1992

Carrefour International, Canada; 1992-1993

Channel 2, Israel; 1992

ID TV, Netherlands; 1993

RAI, Italy; 1997

Free Speech TV, United States 1996-1999

Theatrical Showings

NuArt Theatre, Los Angeles; October 20 - 26, 1989

Roxie Cinema: San Francisco; March 19, 1990

UC Theatre - Landmark Theatre Corp., Berkeley; March 20,1990

Magic Theatre, Nevada City, CA; June 26 - July 1, 1990

Facets Multi-Media, Chicago; July 1991

Ken Cinema, San Diego; October 13 - 15, 1991


CINE Golden Eagle

New York Film and Video Festival: Silver Medal

Columbus International Film and Video Festival: Bronze Plaque

National Education Association Award for the Advancement of Learning Through Broadcast

USA Film Festival: Finalist

American Association for the Advancement of Science Books and Films Film Festival:

Certificate of Merit

Wine Country Film Festival: Gaia Award